Courtney Love by Firooz Zahedi (1997)




Courtney Love introduces herself as Madonna on Rage TV in 1999.


Courtney with a fan in ‘95.

may 2, 2004

I remember meeting Courtney Love for the first time. We met at a restaurant in downtown LA. We were sitting there at a table when a woman came up and asked “Are you Courtney Love?”… in typical fashion, Courtney looked over her shoulder, removed the cigarette from her red-stained lips and replied, “No.”… The woman stated she looked a lot like Courtney Love, to which Courtney said, “geez, what a fucking compliment” and then proceeded to put out her cigarette on the white table cloth.

— Nick Wise (author of Courtney Love’s biography released in 1995)


Lollapalooza 1995